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Our Areas of Practice

Strategic and Business Planning

A robust strategic plan that company management is committed to executing is the single-most critical step to enhance stakeholder value.

A well-designed strategic plan offers several powerful benefits. It puts your business on a path to achieving strong competitive advantage leading to market share gains. It uncovers new growth opportunities. It helps the organization focus on what is important. It can help mitigate risks by limiting their impact through specific actions. Overall, it makes your business resilient, and better able to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

We can help you develop a powerful strategic plan. We will analyze your business, industry, segments, adjacent spaces, competition, trends in your served markets and environmental factors. We will help you identify and prioritize segments to address and recommend product plans, pricing and positioning strategies. We can recommend how to align your operational and organizational plans with your selected strategic plans. We will develop a financial business plan (comprising P&L statements, balance sheets and investment schedules) for the planning horizon. We can break down your business plan into milestones, and into specific action plans for different functional areas.

Mergers & Acquistions

Well-chosen acquisitions/ divestment strategies often provide the fastest route for

  • meeting strategic intent (e.g. business continuity & growth, valuation)
  • expansion into adjacent spaces, and
  • business performance improvement through revenue and cost synergies

We help our clients in acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers as well as divestments. Our services comprise:

  • Determination of strategic intent
  • Development & identification of potential candidates
  • Contact & determination of Interest
  • Creation of business & financial cases
  • Assistance in valuation and negotiation
  • Operational and business due diligence

Management Structure, Systems and Processes

It is imperative that the organization structure, systems and processes are aligned to the strategic plan for itssuccessful execution.

Anand Strategic assists in this alignment through

  • Review of current structure, systems and processes
  • Identification critical tasks and processes for effective implementation of strategic plan
  • Recommendations for modifications in structure, systems and processes for alignment
  • Assistance in implementing these modifications via change management

Profitability Improvement

Pricing, positioning and product portfolio management are often underappreciated factors in enhancing profitability.

Anand Strategic can help significantly improve profitability through a thorough analysis of these factors.